100% Beautiful and Sexy

HoneyBeeSexy is a subsidary unit of Mr. B's Photography.  With 30 years of service in the Omaha and Bellevue  area.  A small private studio operating By Appointment Only we are able to give each client a dedicated service with a guaranteed result.  Our 8 foot waterfall is a big attraction for a tropical look during the summer months.  Pin ups and themes are my favorites for the glamour and boudoir.  Recreating the pin ups  of the past with the peek-a-boo style.  Yes I am an older gentlman with 30 years of experience in glamour and boudoir. The style is from a males perpective that is designed to attract and stimulated your partner.  We also understand that boudoir & glamour is 80% for you and 20% for him.

The secret of men and women that make boudoir special.  Women love to be admired; to feel beautiful and sexy.   Men are hunters by nature and thrive on the chase or the hunt.  With boudoir and glamour photography is to create the desire for more and thus create the chase.  Lingerie and seductive poses are stimulating and are used to create that eye catching moment.  It is not how much you show but rather how you show it.  A creative photographer uses the womans form and poses her in ways that create flow lines with the body.  With out the flow lines you loose the seductive look and end up with something is not as glamorous.  Every woman is different but the process of using flow lines works on everyone.  So no, you do not need the perfect body, just the feelings of beautiful and sexy.